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Coral LLC is the largest supplier of coral minerals in the US, and every one of our products incorporates the highest grade of coral available on the market today.
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Are you ready to make a difference in your health?

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Coral minerals are the answer you’ve been searching for, and Coral LLC offers the purest coral minerals in the world and are guaranteed to meet your needs. With more than a decade of experience in helping customers just like you, Coral LLC products offer you the purity you need at the price you deserve.

Coral Minerals Benefit You May Not Have Considered

The natural world around us has much to offer, yet people often ignore sources that could truly enhance their sense of well-being. Coral calcium minerals are one of those often overlooked sources, and if you’re not currently taking coral calcium, you are missing some essential health benefits.
Coral minerals may help to:
  • Promote Bone Health
  • Provide Essential Nutrients for Healthy Brain Function
  • Promote a Healthy Immune Response
  • And Much More
*Sources: Coral Calcium: Fact and Conjecture, Natural Clinician, 2006; Coral Calcium Supplement: Coral Calcium Benefits and Research, Bodybuilding for You, 2011
Wondering how it works?

Two words: Mineral Deficiency

Because unsustainable farming practices have stripped the minerals from our soil* you’re not getting the minerals your body demands, even if you invest in a healthy diet. 
More than 150 serious health conditions can be linked to calcium and mineral deficiency. Replacing those lost minerals could truly change your health and life.
* U.S. Senate Document 264, 74th Congress: Second Session.

What’s more, though, is that changing the pH level in your body with coral calcium can revolutionize your life. This science has been in place for decades since Dr. Otto Warburg did groundbreaking work to prove that diseases like cancer can’t exist in an alkaline environment. One benefit of taking coral minerals is that it may help to increases the pH of the blood circulating in your body.

The Coral LLC Difference

There are many coral calcium suppliers, but Coral LLC is the largest supplier of Above Sea EcoSafeTMcoral minerals in the US and ship to more than thrity countries around the globe. A family owned company that focuses on sustainable coral collection, with Coral LLC, you can depend on high quality coral minerals, not the marine grade material other companies offer.
The environment is our highest priority, so we depend on harvesting methods that leave the ecosystem as pristine as it was before we arrived. And, all of our coral is PCB free.

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